26 September 2015

Mid Century Market

On the last sunny Sunday of the year (practically) I got my arse on up to Cecil Sharp House in Camden for a lazy afternoon of rummaging at the Mid Century Market - run by my dear friend Bettina Scarlett.

With repro brands like Splendette, Lady K Loves and Bow and Crossbones and vintage stores such as Hottie's Vintage, Vera Mode Vintage and Accessories of Old (amongst others), the market specialises in Mid Century/1950's styled goods only. This makes it London's first and only 1950's fair!

The September fair was the first one I've managed to get down to so far (Working Sundays is awful for events) after sadly missing the corker of a Christmas Far last year. However, this MCM instalment did not disappoint, set in the beautiful Grade II listed building, DJs played an assortment of rock'n'roll whilst you rummaged around finding your treasures. There was plenty of clothing, both vintage and repro - and a little bit for the guys, too! As well as stalls full of home and barware and a handful of lucite sparkles.

Bow and Crossbones
Personally I wasn't in search of much, but still managed to come away with some Splendette bangles, a bunch of gorgeous vintage geometric buttons from Accessories of Old, a pair of vintage pinking shears (that work better than my modern pair) and the cutest vintage chilli necklace - not a bad haul for someone who wasn't planning on buying!

I was so busy on the day rummaging through and socialising that I took so few pictures! Luckily Street Style Carousel was on hand - do check out the Mid Century Market's album of photos from the event on Facebook to see those.

And just in case you feel you've missed out?
Bettina has just announced that the next Mid Century Market is being held at the Cecil Sharp House again on Sunday 13th December!
Stall holders are yet to be confirmed, but for £3 entry you'll be a fool to miss it! Keep an eye on it on Facebook!

19 September 2015

Moody British Picnics - Butterick B5209

I'm British, and part of that is the constant let-down that is the British Summer and it's Frankly Shitty Weather.

Case in point;

This face is an accurate representation of a dreary day.


I bought Butterick B5209 pattern a long-ass time ago with the idea that one day I would make a glorious 40's style sundress with it and swan about the beaches being a perfect summers-day princess.
Instead I used it to further my long-term goals on becoming a picnic basket with this cutesy gingham-and-fruit-print cotton. And stand in a park on a grey day.

As usual, I strayed from the original pattern by changing a few things about this dress - the most obvious being that I swapped out the gathered skirt the pattern calls for with the same skirt from my Swirl dress, since I liked the way it fell on me so much. I added patch pockets, too, because we all know how much I love them.

I also strayed from my usual construction and actually didn't line this dress at all! I wanted to keep it lighter and cooler, so all seams were overlocked using my Brother 1034D aside from the neckline, arms and hem, which were all finished with bias tape and a catch stitch.

It's a sweet little dress, but it doesn't come without some fit issues - I made this up in a straight size 20, which, with my usual pinch-out in the top of the bodice to limit my usual gape issue, actually fitted well compared to other Butterick designs in most respects - apart from this disaster of a bust!
It seems to be a common issue in 40s style dresses with this sort of bustline (is there a word for it?) - but it sits at least two inches higher than where my boobs actually start, which isn't the worst that could happen, but does make me feel a bit cut off at times.

So. Many. Tit. Shots.
Also, as much as I love how huge the skirt is, one thing I didn't expect is that the sides ended up a little longer attached to this bodice than it did on the wrap dress , which is the slightest bit irksome. It's not enough to really upset me, but as you can see in the next image, it's a little annoying.

Ignore the skirt for a second and look at my HAIR.
BUT. Aside from all of this, I actually love this dress, I think the silhouette is really good on me, and I love how comfortable and floaty it is - and I think this new calf-length skirt I've been playing with is a good-un.

Because my whole summer aesthetic is about looking like a walking picnic- can we talk about my bag for a second?

Dress; Butterick B5209
Brooch: Luxulite
Bangles: Vintage
Shoes: Rocket Originals
Bag: Collectif (out of stock, sadly!)

12 September 2015

Pastel Dreams!

I'm not going to lie to you - the whole pastel thing is not my thing.

Until I had pink hair, wore a mint green dress and stood in front of some pastel-painted houses, of course.

I walk past these houses on Camden Road every day on my way to work, and every day I would say to myself  "Damn, what a cute location for a pastel shoot!" So armed with my photographer (read: boyfriend) and a bundle of pastel sweetness, I gave my pink hair a final goodbye to forever be immortalised in a perfect setting.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this hair perfection?
The dress is the Caterina Swing Dress from Collectif, a mint green/light blue shirtwaist which is as soft as it is adorable. I'm a big fan of shirtwaists in general, but the shape of these suits me so well I have the navy version, too.
And my favourite part? POCKETS.

For this dress in particular I'm wearing a 22, since I found the smaller sizes to be a little too tight in the bust and sleeves (which I'm wearing tucked up because I find shorter sleeves flattering on my arms), but I find that shirtwaists always look sweet slightly blousier around the bust, thanks to the cinched-in waist.

The only thing that really irk me about this dress is that since it's 95% cotton, it sure does like to crease a lot.

As I said before when I posted my new hair colour (okay, now it's old, since I went back to red only hours after this shoot), my wardrobe isn't quite made for pink, which made putting together outfits quite difficult. Luckily white works with this look so I could kinda get away with these Miss L Fire Sundae shoes - which didn't say white for long.

Luckily, though, I have this adorable Luxulite brooch and my £2.50 charity shop bargain petticoat, which is actually Malco Modes, which adds to the outfit!

Hair Flower: Handmade
Sunglasses: Collectif
Brooch: Luxulite
Dress: Collectif Caterina Swing Dress
Petticoat: Malco Modes (charity shop score)
Handbag: Vintage Atlas (Bought in Spitalfields Market)
Bangle: Vintage Celluloid (Charity shop score)
Shoes: Miss L Fire Sundae (SS14)

5 September 2015

Toucan Play At That Game!

Well, hello strangers!
How are we all doing?

I've been busy lately doing the usual - a combination of work, not-doing-a-lot-but-taking-up-a-lot-of-time, drinking and watching Netflix. It's not a good excuse, but, you know, Netflix.

I left you a whole 8 weeks ago (bloody hell!) with a new hair colour that I had every intention of using for a few outfit posts as a challenge for me to co-ordinate, and to create a little bit more content.

But, Netflix.

Once my hair went pink, there was one outfit I was dying to wear together where the colours all worked perfectly.
This is the Toucan print that Collectif ran for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection (now sadly out of stock on the website), which was one of those prints that I adored as soon as it came out, but since it only came in a crop top/sarong skirt or sarong shorts set, or a sarong dress, it felt a little too far out of my comfort zone to really wear.

Gratuitous tit-shot with the gorgeous Luxulite Toucan brooch!

Of course, the sale and peer pressure made me buy the Kiki crop top, Alana sarong skirt and the Lucy cardigan in the end - but I left it a whole year to actually wear the bloody thing out!

Now. I won't lie, a sarong skirt is still so far out of my comfort zone that looking at myself in it makes me slightly uncomfortable since I'm so used to seeing myself in flared skirts all the time. Which makes me wonder - is there a certain style of clothing that you never wear? And if you do, how do you feel when you do wear it?

I personally gave up on pencil/fitted skirts a while back after realising I just didn't like how they looked on me - and although I prefer this sarong style, I'm still just not feeling it. It's a damn cute outfit, but maybe someone else would suit it better?

Let me know what you think, guys!
Melody ♪

Hair Flowers: Lady Luck's Boutique
Necklace: Primark
Brooch: Luxulite
Crop Top: Collectif Kiki (SS14)
Sarong Skirt: Collectif Alana (SS14)
Cardigan: Collectif Lucy (SS14/SS15)
Bangles: Lady Luck's Boutique ; Splendette
Shoes: Miss L Fire Aloha (SS13)

8 July 2015


Hair Flowers - Lady Lucks Boutique
Cardigan & Belt - Collectif
Brooch - Luxulite
Dress - Handmade
Bangle - Charity Shop
Shoes - Marks & Spencer 

Excuse my squinty eyes - it's been bright outside lately, almost summer-like, which is surprising for us Britons!

Also it might be because I am BLINDED BY HOW BLOODY PINK MY HAIR IS.

Yes, you're seeing this right, after four and a half years of the same red, I had a little nudge to go pink. It's not permanent (it's for a special event of which I can hopefully share with you soon!), mainly because I've come to realise that I have nothing to go with pink. This outfit will be my default for the next few weeks!

What's your thoughts, guys?

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