22 April 2014

Whatever Floats Your Boat, Sinks Your Battleship

It's Sew Dolly Clackett time!!!

It's like university all over again; the deadline is steadily approaching, I'm sewing like a sewing madman, I can't do simple maths to work out pleating, everything has gone wrong and I've even cried, BUT I HAVE DONE IT. Pulled it out of the bag with little room to breathe before the deadline, but it's here.

If you've been living under a sewing rock, you might not know what Sew Dolly Clackett is, (Shame on you.) but the lovely Sarah from Rhinestones and Telephones made a sewalong-come-wedding-present for the gorgeous Roisin of Dolly Clackett's upcoming nuptials. You make a dress inspired by her frankly substantial self-made wardrobe, and enter it on the Flickr for prizes and notoriety!

Fang Rock Dress | Green Ginger Dress

 I used the inspiration of Roisin's Fang Rock dress for the bodice and sailor theme, and her Green Ginger dress' pleats. Using the Butterick B5880 bodice (YES AGAIN) I tried to re-create the BHL Anna bodice (badly) she used, and the skirt is a 'self drafted' pleated dirndl.

This gets me points, right? Door, pose, shoes, print fabric, shoes...?

The fabric is a gorgeous cotton, bought from my local shop Rolls and Rems, and I ADORE it. It's got printed navy stripes and red anchors - who doesn't want that in a dress?

Fully lined in white cotton, under stitched with a waist stay - this is technically my best-sewn item to date! The zip busted on me in the final try-on, which caused me to cry (it was late, okay?) but luckily I persevered on with a second zip and managed to get out of the house for Gareth to take a few photos outside our door - this is meant to be inspired, after all!

I've had a bit of a massive blogger crush on Roisin for a while now, and I make absolutely no secret of this - I love her humour and her face and her super-human sewing skills (I lose count of just how many dresses she makes in a month!) and her shoe obsessions have, much to my boyfriend's dismay, inspired me to buy countless pairs of ridiculous shoes. Her sewing also inspires me to actually come out of my anti-print comfort zone, and I think every dress will be a Sew Dolly Clackett dress from now on!!

I wore my Irregular Choice 'Bowtiful' shoes, which are knitted. She herself has a tweed version, and I can't agree with this statement more;

"...Totally impractical. You can't wear them when it's warm and you can't wear them when it rains. I love them though."

  • Fabric: 
    Cotton print fashion fabric 
  • & cotton lining

  • Pattern: 
    Butterick B5880
    & Self drafted skirt
  • Pattern Alterations:
    Omitted neckline notches, graded up bodice size, adjusted neckline and kimono-style-sleeves added, replaced sarong skirt with pleated dirndl and in-seam pockets
  • Notions:
  • Invisible zip, bias binding waist stay
  • Make again?: 
  • NO. Not because I don't like it - this happens to be my FOURTH dress that is pretty much the same style - I need to STOP.
  • Final Verdict: 
  • I love this dress, I do. It's comfortable, and looks good which is all I ever want - and it's got anchors on it. Anchors.

    Congratulations to both Roisin and Nic - I hope you have an amazing gin-filled wedding and many, many happy years ahead of you!

    Melody ♪

    10 April 2014

    Madonna Was Wrong - Time Goes Quickly for Every Bugger Out There

    Lately, I feel like I have no time.

    I'm sewing, but the process is  s l o w.  I feel like in between working full time, socialising, making time for my relationship and friends, and doing awesome stuff (which clearly I'm always doing because I'm a downright awesome person, thank you very much for noticing) it just seems like sewing is constantly taking the back burner.

    Don't even get me started on blogging, because as you may have noticed, I'm pretty bad at keeping a constant flow of blog posts! I want to get better and become efamous and live a blogger lifestyle of glamour and free shit but sometimes I have to clean bird shit off shop fittings in a market and get drunk with my friends and do things with my boyfriend (if you're thinking what I think you're thinking then stick around, we could be best friends ;D), and sometimes that takes over the time I had mentally planned to be for blogging.

    I want to know how everyone else does it, how do you goddesses of sewing manage to churn out dresses weekly with busy lives when I'm only half busy and struggle getting one item sewn a month? Seriously, guys, tell me your secrets! Are you super human or something? Should Marvel be making comics about Ultra-Sewing-Lady and her magic sewing skills?

    I realise the point in me wasting time to blog about my lack of time is frankly laughable, but hey, it's a start, right? I've even got artsy photos of a pocket and some pleating for you! Totally worth the time it took.

    Have a great weekend!


    16 March 2014

    Winter Sun

    Okay, I get that my mug was already plastered over the blog in the last post - but these pictures are good, and I think this gives a great indication of how I actually wear my me-made items on a day-to-day basis.

    Including a necklace that says "Bollocks";

    No, seriously.

    Beret; Accessorize
    Bolero; Jean Bolero by Collectif
    Necklace; 'Style Your Own' by Primark
    Dress; Me-Made 'Lace Be Honest'
    Belt; Primark (There's a theme)
    Boots; Rachel by Rocket Dog
    Bag; Primark

    My Darlings, I hope you're having a lovely Sunday, and enjoying the sun should you be as lucky as us Brits!

    Melody ♪

    8 March 2014

    Lace Be Honest, You Love A Bad Pun, Too, Right?

    Bloody hell, it's been eight months since I last posted a dress I'd made? 
    Time for me to pull my finger out!

    In my Sewlutions round-up post I introduced the "Lace Be Honest" dress, which is a dress I wear at least twice a week. Since that post, she's had pockets added to her, and a whole three months after actually constructing the garment - I finally got Gareth to take some pictures!

    Quite frankly, the dress is almost exactly the same as my Homage To A Mad Old Lady dress, the Butterick B5880 bodice and pleated dirndl are there, however this dress features lovely little 2-inch box pleats instead of the Homage's knife pleats.

    The dress is fully lined in a nice crisp black cotton, which creases with no effort, but does keep the pleats looking beautiful. Silver linings, and all.

    The lace overlay was from the bargain box at my local fabric shop, Rolls and Rems in Holloway at the absolute bargain price of £8.99 for just over three meters -which is an amazing price considering the lace is £7 a meter as it is! I want to say it's natural because it is just the loveliest, softest lace overlay I've seen that isn't guipure, but sadly the burnt-on lace on my iron says otherwise (Who else ruins irons really, really quickly?).

    The lace edge is a really pretty scallop border - I cut my lining just a few centimeters shorter than the lace to show the edging off clearly, which is my favourite way of hemming anything because A. it's pretty B. it's easy and B. it's easy and I'm really lazy.

    Also - POCKETS. Have I fully expressed my love for pockets on here yet? Because I LOVE POCKETS. Screw everyone that makes dresses and skirts without pockets - where else will us laydeez put our knives? I make sure to tell everyone who shoes any interest in my clothes that they have pockets - and I particularly like the pockets on this dress! I used the scalloped edging for the top of the pocket, to match the hem (and I like scallops) and they were hand-stitched on with help from this tutorial from By Gum By Golly, and you know when you get your stitches perfect and they're invisible? YEAH, BABES. I CAN DO THAT.

    I was impressed with myself. Don't judge me. And pockets give me the capslock.

    This is my "Disney Princess meets cold Regents Park meets laughs too much when looking into the camera" pose. Aw yeah.
    But seriously. I love this dress.

  • Fabric: 
    Black Lace Overlay
    Black Cotton

  • Pattern: 
    Butterick B5880
    & Self drafted skirt

  • Pattern Alterations:
    Omitted neckline notches, graded up bodice size, replaced sarong skirt with pleated dirndl and patch pockets.

  • Notions: Invisible zip (which is actually pink and not quite invisible)(stash), bias tape waist stay (stash) and thread (I already had that, too).

  • Make again?: Honestly, I want to say no. I want to say no because this is the second version I've made - but in fact there's a third in progress already - I KNOW.
  • Final Verdict: I adore this dress. I will wear it until the seams finally give up on me - I seriously love it that much. I love how the bodice looks on me, how it sits on my waist, how it flares out, and I absolutely adore the lace. I want one in every colour. (By every colour I mean in red. Maybe navy. We've talked about my colour fear before...) 

  • SO. My darlings - I'm finally getting around to photographing my last makes of 2013 (Ugh, always late!) and actually getting down to sewing some of my first makes of 2014 (Ugh, again, so late) - But more on that later! What are your thoughts my darlings?

    And how do you like the photos? They're gorgeous, aren't they? In a totally non-vain way, my boyfriend just happens to be a great photographer, I'd say! Big thank you to Gareth! ♥

    Well. Enjoy your weekend my darlings!

    Melody ♪

    12 February 2014

    An Update On Life... With Instagram

    Hello my lovelies,
    So I posted back in October that I lost my job, and then there was a little hiatus because, quite frankly, things got a bit... sad.

    BUT. Everything's looking up again, over the Christmas I had a temp job, and now I'm back at Collectif which is so, so nice.

    In between all of that, I've done some really awesome things!

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16
    @MelodyMae on Instagram

    Since October we've been to loads of comedy shows (Russel Kane, Tony Law and Stewart Lee for starters..), some gigs, Roller Derby, cabaret nightclubs, drank cocktails from a sandcastle bucket, eaten amazing food (I like food.), and I'm so lucky for my boyfriend to have bought me a Macbook Pro for Christmas - since my laptop was held together with bulldog clips.

    And I think the most important would be that this Thursday just gone me and Gareth celebrated three whole years together! It's kinda a big deal.

    I can't help but love Instagram, if I didn't have it, what would document all the stuff I eat?! 

    SO. My loves - what have you been up to whilst I've been hiatus-ing? And do you have Instagram? I'd love to follow you! And as always, if you'd like to follow me and see what I'm eating (Honestly, I'm an Instgram cliché) you can do so by searching my username @MelodyMae, or using Webstagram.

    Now we're all caught up, I reckon it's time to get some real posts down!

    Take care,

    (Also - I've played around with the blog layout/graphics a bit - What do you think?)
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