2 April 2016

Twilight Tartan

On the first official day of spring (AKA, it was actually nice outside) I tried to rope my best friend into taking some photos of a dress for me. Unfortunately shopping and eating ridiculous burgers took up the day and we kind of forgot to take pictures until the evening. Oops.

So today I wanted to show off yet another - and my latest version of my modified B5880 dress (previous versions can be seen here), this time in a gorgeous tartan! 

As with all the other B5880's, this dress has undergone some real changes from the original pattern - namely, that there's no neckline notches, and I've done away with the sarong skirt in favour of my favourite skirt style - the pleated dirndl!.
This version also has bias-bound neckline and arms, a concealed side zip and possibly the biggest pockets on a dress to date - it fits an A4 magazine with a bit of room.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you might know that in summer I get a little... gingham mad - and in the winter I switch straight to tartans - I'm a big fan of grid-based patterns, it seems! This dress in particular was made for the Christmas Mid-Century Market run by Bettina Scarlett back in December the night before the event, and went together like a dream! 

The fabric itself is a lovely mid-weight wool blend Stewart tartan with a great texture, snuggly warmth and is light enough to hang well, but stiff enough to keep shape, which is my perfect sort of fabric!

Necklace; Vintage
Brooch; Luxulite
Belt; Vintage
Bangles; Vintage and Splendette
 Bag;  Sun Jellies
Shoes; Primark

So this dress is currently still in heavy rotation, regardless of the fact that the sun has been shining brightly over London recently - I'm wondering, though, does anyone else have a small obsession with certain patterns?

Have a lovely weekend, dolls!

Melody x

26 March 2016

Brightening Up Grey Days with Hell Bunny at Yours Clothing!

I find this transitional pre-spring time (It may officially be spring, but it's still grey here!) really difficult for dressing, since I'm ready to wear pretty sundresses, but the weather has a completely different idea! 

Enter in Yours Clothing, who kindly offered me a chance to try out something from their Hell Bunny collection, of which they stock items in UK sizes 16-24.
Hell Bunny is a brand I've honestly never tried before as their style in the past has been a lot more rockabilly-goth inspired, which isn't to my personal taste. Seeing the selection on the Yours Clothing site was wonderful, however, as they have a nice mix of the rockabilly-goth style as well as my preferred vintage style!

I was instantly drawn to the Red & Black Polkadot 50's Style Dress for a few reasons. 1. It's red. 2. POCKETS. 3. Adorable pin dot print! I'm actually a big fan of polka dots still, and the smaller pin dot print is a little more subtle. 

The dress is made from a lightweight stretch cotton, which will easily see me straight into the summer months, and with a typical square neckline and wide adjustable straps, I can see this being a greatly-worn sundress for me once the British sun decides to rise!

I went for a size 20 for this dress as it was closest to my actual measurements on the size guide - However! This dress is clearly cut for a bigger bust than my own, so I could have easily gone for the 18, so if you're small busted like myself I would definitely size down, but good news for you big busted ladies! 

To complete the grey-day outfit, I picked out the Cropped Cardigan with Cherry Embroidery as a cute cover up - and can I take a moment to gush about just how perfect this cardigan is for a moment? I love good knitwear, and honestly this is real quality, soft but thick with a reinforced button band to keep the front in shape, and a great length of both the waistband and the sleeves!
I took a size 18 as I like my knitwear tight, and the size was perfect for me.

Cardigan: Yours Clothing (gifted)
Dress: Yours Clothing (gifted)
Necklace: Vintage Milk Glass
Bangles: Splendette and Vintage
Hair Flowers: Handmade
Bag: Zatchels
Shoes: Melissa

19 March 2016

Planten Un Blomen

Do you ever make something that in your mind is perfect, and when you make it is also perfect - but actually you can't stand the damn thing after a week?

Just before we went to Germany, I decided I had absolutely nothing to wear for the wedding we were going to - which we all know is certainly not the case - but I decided to make something the day before our flight anyway. Just call me Last-Minute-Melody!

The fabric is a lovely mid-weight cotton with a Japanese-styled fan design in gorgeous autumn colours that I thought would really work with the time of the year - and as you've probably already guessed, the pattern used is my favourite B5880.

As always (you can check out my other B5880's here.), my B5880 is now very different to the original, without the neckline notches, an altered neckline and this version has a circle skirt instead of the original sarong-style.
This dress has a centre-back zip, faced neckline and bias-bound hem and arm holes. And - get this - NO POCKETS. I ran out of time (Shame on me!)

As I mentioned before, in my head this was a winner. Once it came off the machine, it was a winner. Three hours into wearing it? Yeah, I wasn't that fond of it all of a sudden.
I can't even pinpoint what it is, but unfortunately I don't think this dress will really be loved as much as I once thought!

Hair Flower; Lady Luck's Boutique
Brooch: Luxulite
Necklace; Vintage
Bangles; Vintage
Shoes; Miss L Fire (second-hand)

So I'm wondering - does this ever happen to you?

27 February 2016

As Winter Turns to Spring...

It’s been four months since my last post. And although I promised a long time ago I’d stop apologising for unscheduled absence from blogging, this has been a little different this time.

When I left you guys in October I was on my way (If not already in) Germany with my boyfriend for a wedding and a little holiday, and although wonderful, only a few weeks later my relationship ended.

And it's a weird thing to say so publicly, but although I'm going to try my hardest to pick myself up and get on with blogging because I love it, there are hurdles I still need to jump over that might prevent it from happening so frequently.

Other than inevitable heartache over the end of a long and great relationship, I’ve spent the last three months in a very consuming sadness that hasn't quite lifted, but is getting there.
I'm currently looking for a new place, but as anyone who has ever looked to rent in London will know - it's an expensive mistress!

So I'm currently planning on getting life back on track, but it will be a bumpy ride!
I hope everyone is doing well, however!
Take care, dolls!

All there photos are from our Germany trip... I should use them somewhere, at least!

24 October 2015

Of Hangovers and Vintage Fairs

Hey guys! How are we all doing?
I'm currently panicking about sorting myself out for a Germany trip (of which I will be on once this posts), and other stuff is happening which means I've kinda lost my winning streak of blog posts! Oops.
More stuff will be coming soon, but I have a hell of a lot of bratwurst to eat for the week, so if you're interested, keep in touch on Instagram

But on with this post, of which I need to set the scene first.
It's Saturday afternoon. I've just eaten a massive Korean-style burrito, and I'm nursing a massive hangover, thanks to the aforementioned dressing up as Ariel at a Princess Party. 
Surely, nursing a hangover doesn't usually suggest going out and walking around at a vintage fair, does it? 

So that's what we did. 
Sore in the head and later than planned, we headed off for The Classic Car Boot Sale, which comes around twice a year bringing us classic cars and stuff being sold out the back of them. This time the fair was situated in the square in Kings Cross (past events were at Southbank and Victoria Park in Stratford.)

Unfortunately, I have little to say about this CCBS - other than the aforementioned burrito, I didn't buy a thing! Sadly a lot of items were overpriced or in extremely bad condition (I'm looking at you, woman who was selling a lucite bag with the disease!! SHAME.) - or in fact, both, in regards to one 40's dress going for £170 with massive rips throughout it!

But we still got some great photos - and we got to see Mr Wilson's Second Liners - of which you need to watch THIS VIDEO OF. RIGHT NOW. Because it really helped these hungover idiots!

Aaaaand of course we got some great photos! I'm wearing a dress I bought from EShakti which I'm in love with, and hopefully I'll do a little post on them soon! 

Also, can I take two seconds to get excited about my Apple Watch? I was concerned about making it work with my wardrobe - but as you can see, it looks right at home! 

Necklace: Vintage (charity shop)
Brooch: Luxulite
Dress: EShakti
Bangles: Vintage and Splendette
Belt: Collectif
Bag: Vintage (from a previous CCBS)
Shoes: Miss L Fire

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