13 September 2014

Check, Please!

On the back of my post about Kew, I thought I'd have a little chat about my outfit - and the me-made Check Please dress that has featured briefly on the blog before. Because Gareth took a lot of lovely photographs of me, I'm extremely vain and also I'm pretty damn good at colour coordinating my outfits!

This dress was actually made a year ago, now! And I loved it when I made it, but I just never wore it until the sun came out this year - and it's one of those dresses that I wear more often than I really should. 
It was really simple to put together, the fabric is a beautiful 100% cotton check, fully lined with the softest white cotton I've ever felt (rescued from curtains, unbelievably!). The pattern is self-drafted, the No Cock Nor Tails bodice with a knife pleat dirndl. That's it, really. No pockets (gasp! horror!), no frills, just a damn good gingham dress!

Dress; Check, Please! Me-made
Bolero & Belt; Collectif
Necklace; Topshop 
Shoes; Miss L Fire
Handbag & Bangles; Vintage from Old Spitalfields Market

From me to you, my darlings, have a lovely weekend!


6 September 2014


I'm possibly one of the worst bloggers - I'm SO behind!
All the way back in June (!) me and Gareth had finally shook off my birthday hangover and decided to enjoy the sunshine at Kew Gardens (a beautiful botanical garden here in London), which is one of those "We should go to this place" places that... you only go to after years of saying it.

The particular day we went was the day after my birthday (luckily two days after my birthday drinks, we'd had a whole day to sleep THAT hangover off!) and just so happened to be one of the most beautiful, sunny days we'd had. Somewhat luckily for us it wasn't too hot - those glass houses were certainly steamy!

The day, and Kew was absolutely beautiful. It was a place I'd never been to before, but one of Gareth's favourite places in the whole of the country and even though we missed the bluebell walk, the entirety of the gardens and the glass houses were gorgeous! 
My particular favourites were the area by the pagoda that had a scaled Japanese shrine and zen garden - and the Orchid house! How I love an orchid.

Hilariously enough, I spent most of my time working out what flower I wanted as a hair clip next...


After all the walking around (and pretending to eat bamboo), we got to relax in one of the glasshouses that had been made into a botanical gin bar and reflect on the day, and all the damn flowers we saw. There was a lot of flowers. And trees. And Geese. And Geese droppings. Kew is lovely, though, and I can't recommend it enough for a relaxing walk through beautiful scenery as a welcomed break from London's insanity!

Isn't this so nauseatingly sweet?
From myself, and Gareth - have a wonderful weekend my loves!


31 July 2014

Welcome Aboard - Our New-Look Shop!

So I mentioned in my last post on the shop that we were getting a little bit of a refresh, and MY GOD IT'S ADORABLE.

And a while back (I've been busy, okay?) we finished the shop in time for our Sample Sale last month, and my boyfriend came to take some pictures of our new-look nautical themed shop, I thought you'd like to see!

The shop has been given a new lease of life inside and out with our new Oxford Blue and White colour scheme (Which matches our new swing tags!), and with it has seemingly grown in size, giving a cool and fresh new feeling. Check out that door on the right hand side - you better believe I painted that door (and many other things, mostly things I shouldn't have painted...)!


I hope you'd agree that even this little glimpse of the new shop has completely transformed it - if you compare to my last post, you can really see a difference! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased as punch with this restyle!

And since I'm sure you'll ask, the handsome fellow in between myself and Izabela is one of my managers, who was the brains and braun behind the refurbishment, working long hours and getting covered in paint regularly to make it the beautiful shop it now is!

So, if you're in London, you should pop into our Old Spitalfields branch, and you DEFINITELY should come in for a visit this weekend. Why this weekend in particular? Well, from 10:00am GMT Thursday 31st July to 23:59 GMT Sunday 3rd August, we're having a HALF PRICE SALE OFF EVERYTHING IN STORE. That's right, half price of all clothing

Buuuut, all is not lost for my non-UK followers - use code SUN50 online from these times to get beautiful clothes, for half the price!!

Good luck and have a wonderful weekend darlings!


12 June 2014

ModCloth and Bourbon and Bras - Uniquely You Campaign

In keeping with my recent "non-sewing related posts", ModCloth asked me if I wanted to join in on their Uniquely You campaign, in which they send a picture of an item to me, and I digitally style it using other items from ModCloth using Polyvore.

Now. I know what you're thinking. No, I don't have a primarily style-centric blog. And no I get no monetary or clothing-etary gain from this.

What do I get? I get to virtually play dress up and possibly get more followers. Possibly. And that inflates my ego - and we all know I'm here for the online celebrity status! (Not really. But kinda really)

ModCloth sent me the Vivacious and Vibrant dress in Noir (available up to 4X!) to put into an outfit!

ModCloth & Bourbon and Bras - Uniquely You Campain

I'm not going to lie, this dress didn't grab me. The neckline is gorgeous and has the slight 40s flair I enjoy, but it's just not quite my style, and I'm not a fan of the contrast waist. To hide that, I paired it with the 'The Dream of the crop' cardigan and black 'Leaf for the Day' belt - a cropped cardi/belt combo I'd say is very me, with the 'Preserves Purveyor' necklace to exhibit my fondness of cherries. (It's a kitsch problem)

The length of the Vivacious and Vibrant dress is shorter than I would really wear it - although it would be a perfect length for showing off the details on the 'Bowed Over' tights, and with a good pair of (slightly sensible/ comfy shoes because I'm a shoe wuss) shoes and a cute handbag, the job is done, you have a cute little retro-style outfit and which is quite uniquely me!

Make sure to check out all of the adorable dresses ModCloth has to offer here.

Thank you ModCloth for getting in touch and giving me something out of my comfort zone - and for giving me a kick to get a Polyvore (seriously guys it's great fun).

Enjoy the rest of your week, guys!


7 June 2014

Working Nine to Five, What A Way To Make A Living

For once, Dolly's wrong! I don't work 9-5, and I do love my job!
So a while back I took some photos in the shop I work in.
And I wanted to share a slice of my everyday life with my lovely readers - although my life doesn't revolve around sewing, it certainly revolves around clothes!!

For the most part, I co-run our Old Spitalfields shop with my colleague, best friend and blue-haired drinking-partner-in-crime, the beautiful Izabela! And together we do a lot of cleaning and a lot of talking people into trying on amazing dresses - We also play dress up with ourselves, because who wouldn't? We're surrounded by pretty things for so long, it's a shame not to!

At the moment, we're getting in our spring/summer collection and slowly turning the shop into a summery beacon of beautiful retro clothing - as modelled wonderfully by Izabela. These photos were taken a few weeks ago now, after a long day of delivery working and changing the shop around - so we made sure to spend a little time at the end of the day to get excited about the new items in stock.
(For anyone interested, this great combo is our Kiki Jungle top and Monroe jeans)

But the real reason to come to my shop (What was that, you haven't been? Get your arse down to Spitalfields immediately!!) is the company of these nut jobs - in our natural habitat you may possibly see me and Izabela wearing matching outfits (This happens a lot) wearing our Dolores doll dresses in red polkadot, me accessorising in a Jean bolero and Miss L Fire Aloha's, and her in a Jo Bluebird Cardigan in blue (sold out in blue online!) and Miss L Fire Sundae shoes!

Come on, you want to come along and see our glorious mugs now, right? What if I said that the shop now looks 200% more adorable after our renovation, and the 21st June we'll be having a sample sale?
Look out for a new post soon on our renovation and details on the sample sale! For now, pop down anyway!

From me and Izabela, have a great weekend!

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