7 August 2012

Tilly's Picnic Blanket Skirt: HALP.

What on earth do you do when you put so much effort into something you make and then it looks nothing like you wanted it to?

For the Operation: Cake project that will be constantly ongoing, I wanted to create a plain black version of Tilly's Picnic Blanket Skirt with polkadot buttons [I like me sum polkadots.] that would be casual but not so boring. I'd wanted it to be full, but not quite as full as the red gathered skirt, but I kinda underestimated the amount of fabric I'd need to create that fullness.

Honestly, I think the whole thing looks awkward.


front-side-back with underskirt

And this is with an underskirt, one of the two I wear on a regular basis - and I think this shows the lack of volume well.

It isn't finished - there's still a button to sew on the waistband, and the rest of the waistband to sew - But I'm wondering if I should bother finishing it now. What do you think I should do? Is it looking okay?

Melody ♪


  1. I wonder if maybe the fabric is to blame? It looks very flimsy on the pictures and I think you'd want something with lots of body to get a skirt with lots of fullness. That said I think this skirt looks quite nice but maybe not what you had in mind maybe?

    1. You could be right - I bought it as "sheeting" because usually it's a lovely midweight fabric, but this is more like a 100% cotton.

      I think it's likely a combination of the two, but thank you for the kind comment! I think I'll let it sit for a few days, and return to it when I'm feeling a bit better!

      And thank you for the blog name comment - I just wish there was more bourbon and more bras!!

  2. Oh and you have the most amazing/perfect blog name. Just had to say it:)

  3. I would still finish it, since you have put a lot of effort into it. Who knows you may warm to it.

    1. The more I look at it, the more I feel that I can live with it, which is a plus!

      I'll just leave it for a bit to finish, maybe when I return to it we'll have sorted our feelings for each other!

  4. Gorgeous skirt,it looks great and accentuates your beautiful figure so well! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I like it, but I kinda get what you mean. I tink how its gathered a lot at the waist and the gather doesnt show m,uch furthur down in the skirt, make it look a lot less full. Great skirt none-the-less, I'd buy/wear it!


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