2 February 2013

I'm in the Jar!

I've never been good at keeping promises.

Especially to myself, I go "I WILL do this, and it will be fabulous!" and it comes around to the time where I address what I've done and... nope. Didn't do it.

Karen is a special sort of crazy, and has recorded a whopping amount of 187 sewing resolutions for 2013, stuck them in a jar, and come the beginning of next year, those 187 people will be held accountable to her and her blog about the resolutions.

I only put one of my sewing resolutions in the jar, and that's because I fear this will be the one thing that I won't stick to - I'm seemingly afraid of colour. I like red, sure, but my clothing is predominantly BLACK.
And black is cool, I suppose, but ultimately boring.

So I pledge, that by this time next year I will have branched out from my plain blacks and reds;
I will make at the absolute least three items that are not black. 
I will make at least three items that are not plain. 
I will also step out of my comfort zone and make at least one non-full-skirted dress/skirt, one dress with sleeves, and step away from concealed zips on dresses. 

These are my pledges, and once I'm standing before Did You Make That, I will have made some beautiful clothes that are not black.


Ideas and inspiration for using/working with patterned fabric and/or getting some colour into the wardrobe are quite welcome!

Melody ♪


  1. Alyssa Opishinski2 February 2013 at 13:26

    You can totally accomplish these things. And it looks lik eyou have lovely blue eyes, why not start with something in a shade of blue that shows them off?

  2. joelle.stlaurent2 February 2013 at 18:00

    great sewlutions! my problem is that i love the colours and prints at the fabric store, and then end up not wearing the finished garment... need to work on feeling good in colors and prints! but i think you have the right approach, little steps! start with deep jewel shades, and not mustard, small flowery and geometric prints and not crazy zebra print. oh. well, that was for me ;)

  3. Oh, it's not that I hate prints and colours, I do pick up fabric and weep with excitement as any sewist does, it's just I have a... colour-matching ocd, if you will. And if I feel a colour doesn't go with red, with having red hair I will ignore that colour forever!

    Just by the idea of people being able to judge me for not sticking to my guns, I've already thought of a royal blue dress to make, got an idea for the pink fabric in my stash, and had a look at coloured ginghams for the summer!

    Although your ban on zebra print... possibly a good idea ;D

  4. With the lingering judgement hanging over my head, it's seemingly so much easier to think about wearing colour all of a sudden!

    And you read my mind, really! I'll be buying some royal blue fabric soon enough!

  5. You would look amazing in bright bottle green, and it would match all your blacks easily.

  6. I love the dress now I can see the whole outfit, well done. I look forward to seeing more creations. Sometime I will show you my wedding dress I made which was a bit tricky! Pam x


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