31 July 2014

Welcome Aboard - Our New-Look Shop!

So I mentioned in my last post on the shop that we were getting a little bit of a refresh, and MY GOD IT'S ADORABLE.

And a while back (I've been busy, okay?) we finished the shop in time for our Sample Sale last month, and my boyfriend came to take some pictures of our new-look nautical themed shop, I thought you'd like to see!

The shop has been given a new lease of life inside and out with our new Oxford Blue and White colour scheme (Which matches our new swing tags!), and with it has seemingly grown in size, giving a cool and fresh new feeling. Check out that door on the right hand side - you better believe I painted that door (and many other things, mostly things I shouldn't have painted...)!


I hope you'd agree that even this little glimpse of the new shop has completely transformed it - if you compare to my last post, you can really see a difference! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased as punch with this restyle!

And since I'm sure you'll ask, the handsome fellow in between myself and Izabela is one of my managers, who was the brains and braun behind the refurbishment, working long hours and getting covered in paint regularly to make it the beautiful shop it now is!

So, if you're in London, you should pop into our Old Spitalfields branch, and you DEFINITELY should come in for a visit this weekend. Why this weekend in particular? Well, from 10:00am GMT Thursday 31st July to 23:59 GMT Sunday 3rd August, we're having a HALF PRICE SALE OFF EVERYTHING IN STORE. That's right, half price of all clothing

Buuuut, all is not lost for my non-UK followers - use code SUN50 online from these times to get beautiful clothes, for half the price!!

Good luck and have a wonderful weekend darlings!



  1. Your new-look shop looks fantastic! What a lovely place to work. I would to pop in, but sadly I am not on the same landmass as you! Lynne

  2. It's definitely a change to what it was before - it originally was quite dark and sleep-inducing! Amazing how a lick of paint and new lampshades can brighten your work days!

    But as always, if you're ever in London, you know where to find me ;D


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