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15 September 2012

Let's Talk Knickers - High Waist Knickers!

What Katie Did | Knickerocker | Rhonda Shear

I'm all about knickers. If there was an alcohol I liked as much as bourbon which started with a K, you bet I'd be named that and Knickers. Because I'm all about knickers.

And why do I like knickers? Well. They're easier to make than bras, honestly [I swear I will get back to How to Make A Bra. One day.], and high waists... I'm all over that. I'm such a convert that I find hipsters to be completely uncomfortable!

So this week my inspiration comes in the form of some pretty high-waist knickers, because I'm going to sit down and make the most perfect fitting high waists of my life. Or at least I'm going to try. Who knows, if I can work it out - I'll even put the pattern up on the blog for you to play with!
Affinitas | Myla | Dollhouse Bettie
So, dolls! Are you a high waist knicker convert? Have you ever made any of your own? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

I hope your weekend is as knicker-tastic as mine will hopefully be!
Melody ♪

18 August 2012

A Weekend Wonder!

I'm running away!

...For a long weekend, at least. Roaming the streets of London whilst I force my better half to look at things he couldn't quite care about... And going to the zoo [Call me a child.. but.. ZOOOOOOOOOOOO].

Wardrobe Images via Tuppence Ha'Penny / Fabric Images via Abakhan

I've always loved the idea of the ready-made "wardrobe" clothing packages that were on offer in the midcentury. Just perfect for a weekend away - all it needs is a little bolero and you're sorted for a summer's quick getaway in crazy matching style!!

I, however, will not be looking so well-put-together as I battle the frenzied Tubes, eat Nitro ice cream and get excited over giraffes this weekend - If only I had my own matching weekend wardrobe!

I wish you all the best for your weekend!
Melody ♪

11 August 2012

Wrapped Up...

Butterick 6292 - Modes Royale - Prominent Designer A622 - Simplicity 2842

Can you tell what I'm making?

I'm coming across strange hurdles [why are my boobs so difficult?!] in the making of this, but I have learned;
  1. Why armhole notches are so important
  2. My boobs are awkward
  3. Sweetheart necklines on wrap dresses don't work so well
  4. My boobs are awkward
  5. I need to work on my dart placement
Important lessons, you see. But me and my wrap dress, although getting off on a wrong foot - and a handful of fitting issues still - are in a small whirlwind romance. And I haven't even started on the skirt.

melodymae on Instagram

What are you up to this weekend? I'm determined to get this damned dress finished!!
Hope the weekend is full of the sunshine we're getting here in the sunny south!

Melody ♪

16 June 2012

Weekly Inspiration: Polka dots!

After a dreary week [The UK has gone back to being horrifically wet and windy again] of overtime and lack of inspiration to sew; it's back to basics for me!
Polka dots, I'm sure I've mentioned, are my favourite print ever. And suddenly as I'm looking around at polkadot images - I'm ready for a free day to sew up some polka dot goodies!

I hope your weekend has been a good one - and full of the most playful of prints - polka dots!!

Melody ♪

26 May 2012

Weekly Inspiration - SUN HAPPENED.

If you're in the UK right now, you'll know that something strange happened nationwide.

Summer happened.

It's been raining for what seems like months, and suddenly 23 degrees! 
And with the sun, my mind is going towards two things; drinking in the sun, and summer clothes!!

So grab yourself a drink, sit out in the garden and have a look at these lovelies! Compiled together with fabric ideas from my new favourite fabric site, Abakhan Fabrics, and midcentury swimwear images from My Vintage Vogue [an indispensable source for any images from the 20's to the 60's!], these little moodboards were actually complied on my iPhone using PicFrame [favourite app], ready to be put into affect!


Is anyone else already planning their summer sewing/wardrobe? Or even already have it?! 

So from the sunny South East, whatever you're doing this weekend, I wish the best of weather, friends and family, and a good barbeque and a good drink!!

Have a great weekend!
Melody ♪

18 May 2012

Weekly Inspiration

So in just under two weeks; I turn 21!

My "Big gift for a big birthday" is a brand new machine - a Brother XL6600 to be exact - that will finally replace my unknown Singer machine that has quite literally seen it's last days, I'm afraid.
And with that, I've been going mad over pincushions. Yes. Pincushions. 21 and concerned about pincushions - talk about getting old before my time!

But who can complain when there's a teapot for a pincushion, right?

Have a great weekend!
Melody ♪
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